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We at Who To Fly With aim to give the public a chance to read and post reviews from a wide variety of travel locations, this will cover airlines and there world wide destinations. We understand that the service area will always need customers to post there experiences in order to constantly be able to improve the service they provide. Whether it is information on airlines and there staff, or hotels, resorts and apartments the business, family or honeymoon  traveler needs to be able to check on what others have experienced before deciding who to fly with. All reviews must be supplied by the customer. No reviews are to be sent in by airline staff.  All reviews must be able to be verified by our staff and they must have a email contact address. The Who To Fly With Excellence Awards use social media, review and the publics recommendations to compile a true view of Airline excellence. We are not subscriber based, or a profit-driven award programme. We offer transparency and wide global survey coverage this is what makes us stand apart from the rest. We respect your views and are here to promote airline excellence and customer satisfaction within the Airline industry. Who To Fly With guarantee total clarity across the survey process, and the sole directive is for real customers to make their own personal choices as to the airlines they consider to be best and worthy of an award. The Who To Fly With Excellence Awards will  quickly becoming the prime benchmarking tool for passenger satisfaction of airlines throughout the world.  The awards deliver a unique survey format based on analysis of business and leisure travellers, across all cabin travel types (First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy class passengers). Who To Fly With will soon be commencing mystery flight surveyors to compile information for the Who To Fly With awards. We at WTFW will  undertake a study analyses of customer satisfaction for the Airline Passenger Experience, across the Airport and Onboard environments - check-in to boarding, airline seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, onboard entertainment, family and disability friendliness and staff service. Face book and Twitter are used extensively to give the public the opportunity to participate in the Who to Fly With Airline Rating and Award system. Airlines do not subscribe to be included in this survey, there is no membership criteria and no charge for winners to attend the awards ceremony.  To reinforce this credibility of survey and awards process, Who To Fly With do not accept any third party sponsorship. Aims Who To Fly With aim to become the worlds best Airline information and review hub. We understand customer respect cannot be bought, but has to be earned through hard work and adherence to a solid set of principles. At Who To Fly With this is vital to every aspect of the air travel surveys we conduct. Customer satisfaction and the ability to supply the public a social media and rating system where they can voice their airline experience is our ultimate goal. Who To Fly With  Excellence Awards processes and guarantee:
  • The Who To Fly With survey is available to everyone including outside of member airlines
  • It is free to feature in the survey
  • It is free to attend the Who To Fly With Airline Excellence Awards ceremony.
  • Who To Fly With survey is not connected to any type of trade association
  • The survey and awards processes are administered and determined by independent parties to the airline
The Awards operate are for the sole purpose of giving the  real customers information to make their own honest choices. Who To Fly With surveys are not commissioned by a trade body or association in the airline industry, and will remain entirely independent. The very nature of an inside industry link would signify that surveys and results lack real integrity, clarity and credibility. Airline customer surveys cannot have subscription paying member airlines. Who To Fly With has a passion to ensuring total independence and transparency for every element of its airline survey and awards process and to earn  a world wide reputation as the true world passenger excellence awards. A airline may be self nominated or be nominated by the public. 2012 Who To Fly With Excellence Awards Nominations close on 5th December 2012 To be announced on the 2nd of February 2013 Quality Approved Airline The Who To Fly With evaluation program is soon to be a globally recognised and respected evaluation system.  Social media will assist in making Who To Fly With contact and gather opinions from every corner of the world relating to airline and travel satisfaction. It assesses the front-line operational product and service delivery standards of an airline. To achieve Quality Approved Airline Excellence status, airlines are subjected to evaluation across all areas of front-line Product and Service standards. This covers numerous features of product and service quality measurement, divided across the airport and onboard environments. The airport service analysis is based upon each airline's home base airport. The Who To Fly With Quality Performance, management in airlines and all studies are carried out by experienced, aviation research staff employed by Who To Fly With. Mystery flight surveyors also compile information for the WTFW Airline Excellence  awards. Rankings

5 Star Airlines

The ultimate sign of Quality Approval, awarded to airlines achieving highest overall Quality performance. The Official Who To Fly With 5 Star Airline Excellence ranking identifies the high standards of Airport and Onboard Product across assessment categories, combined with constantly high standards of Staff Service delivery in both the Onboard and Airport environments. The 5 Star Who To Fly With Airline Excellence ranking recognises those airlines at the head of product and service delivery excellence, often setting and service trends to be pursued by other airlines.

4 Star Airlines

A seal of Quality Approval, awarded to airlines supplying a good quality performance. Who To Fly With Airline Excellence ranking signifies airlines attaining a good level of Product across all travel categories.

3 Star Airlines

This Star Rating is awarded to airlines supplying a reasonable quality performance that conforms to an industry "average" of acceptable product and service standards. Who To Fly With Airline Excellence 3 Star ranking signifies a satisfactory standard of base Product for most travel categories however, may reflect inconsistent levels of cleanliness, service or product delivery in either Onboard or in the Airport environments.

2 Star Airlines

The 2 Star Who To Fly With Airline rating is awarded to airlines delivering a poor standard of performance, with service that is well below the customers expectations. This is an indication of the customers feels that improvement is definably required. Best First Class Excellence Award – For Exceptional excellence in its airline class Best Business Class – For Exceptional excellence in its airline class Best Premium Economy – For Exceptional excellence in its airline class Best Economy – For Exceptional excellence in its airline class Most Improved  – Most improved airline overall Disabled Friendly Airlines – Exceptional quality of access and service offered by this airline Family Friendly  –  Family friendly Airline Excellence award. Survey Methodology The Who To Fly With Reviews, Ratings and Excellence Awards aim to be held in high regard for the clarity of the process and rigorously applied independence rules.  Having the awards operate without external financial assistance or influence is what makes the Who To Fly With Excellence Reviews and Ratings the most respected passenger survey in the world. Over the survey period, airline customers from more than 100 different nationalities will be asked for there assistance in giving there valued opinion on there personal customer satisfaction survey.  The Survey will include over 200 airlines, from the largest international airlines to small domestic carriers, and measured standards across m many different items of airline front-line product and accommodation and airline customer services. The study will thoroughly analyze customer satisfaction for the Airline Passenger Experiences, across the Airport and Onboard environments - check-in to boarding, onboard seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, IFE and staff service. The Who To Fly With Excellence Awards will become the most sort after award with its ability to gather clients reviews. At who to fly with we offer:
  • Transparency in their survey methods
  • Free to enter the survey
  • Awards are voted for by real travellers
  • Awards do not use a judging panel
  • Worldwide Survey coverage
  • Awards do not allow sponsorship
  • All survey costs are paid in-house
  • Free awards ceremony
  • Full clarity of results and rankings
  • Excellence awards from a worldwide verified survey
Product and Services ranked by Who To Fly With customers in the survey included: GROUND / AIRPORT
  • Airlines Social media presence
  • Standard of Airline web site
  • Online Booking service
  • Family friendly service
  • Disability friendly service
  • Online check-in services
  • Airport Ticket Counters
  • Waiting times at Check-in
  • Quality of Check-in service
  • Self Check-in options
  • Boarding Procedures
  • Business services available
  • Efficiency of Ground Staff
  • Transfer services
  • Arrival services
  • Baggage Delivery
  • Handling Delays
  • Cabin Seat comfort
  • Cabin Cleanliness
  • Toilet Cleanliness
  • Cabin Lighting
  • Cabin Temperatures
  • Cabin Comfort amenities
  • Reading Materials
  • Airline magazine
  • Entertainment options
  • Audio / Movie programming
  • AVOD options
  • Quality of Meals
  • Quantity of Food served
  • Meal Choices
  • Selection of Drinks / Pay bar formats
  • Assistance during Boarding
  • Friendliness of Staff
  • Service and Efficiency
  • Consistency of Service across different flights
  • Meal service efficiency
  • Assisting families with children
  • Empathy
  • General Staff Attitudes
  • Staff Grooming
  Data is checked for authenticity. Notice and Take-Down Policy for illegal content Who To Fly With operates on a "notice and takedown" basis. If you have any complaints or objections to material or content including User Messages posted on this Site, or if you believe that material or content posted on this Site infringes a copyright that you hold, please contact us immediately at admin@whotoflywith.com  Who To Fly With will make all reasonable endeavors to remove illegal content within a reasonable time. IMPORTANT NOTE Who To Fly With are unable to provide more information to general enquiries other than that supplied in these survey pages.  Who To Fly With Social media and transparency reports are available for purchase which contain survey methodology, nominations, ratings, voting patterns and supportive data. Mystery flight surveyors also compile information for these awards. The Site may not always be updated on a periodic or regular basis and consequently is not required to register as editorial product under any relevant law. Fictitious names of companies, products, people, characters, and/or data mentioned on this Website are not intended to represent any real individual, company, product, or event.
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